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(no subject) [5th, Jun, 2011 5:10 pm]
I remember the first day we came and looked at this apartment. A sunny day in July, 2005. Seemed like a whole different place than it is now. Almost a different place. So weird how perception can distort of time and history...
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New Job! [9th, Feb, 2011 11:39 pm]
Starting 2.16! WOOT!!
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I'm free! [27th, May, 2009 7:58 am]
Well, I have free time... I'd still like compensation. However, I'm open for freelance is you're looking or know anyone that is. Please pass the word along and if you end up helping me get a paying project, I'd be happy to give you a cut! Yup... An incentive program to flow some freelance my way!

I know y'all have plenty of friends and acquaintances that could use a website, maybe have a brochure they need done... What have you... I can do it!

So what are you waiting for!? Lets me an' you make some money! :D
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That sort of day... [21st, May, 2009 3:23 pm]
[whats playin' |Book of Love - I Touch Roses]

Stressed to high heaven... A lot of it I understand, but still, unable to talk myself out of stressing... Other stresses I have no idea why I'm freaking out about... add it all up and you got one hell of a day... And the headache to match.

Calgon take me away...
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CSS Sprites opposed to slicing an image... [14th, May, 2009 6:18 pm]
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So I was reading a tutorial on CSS Sprites. That is, one big image with all/most the sites graphics contained on there. The purpose is to load said image and control what shows with background positioning. At first I was all gun ho and ready to jump aboard. Sounds neat! Hey, I like trying the next new thing out and seeing if it really lives up to the hype...

Well, so I go through the tutorial and start reading the comments. Apparently whats happening is the file size (total) is smaller, the http requests are fewer but the image is WAAAAAY bigger... 1000x2000, I think is the example given. So apparently, that makes the memory usage up around 7.6MB. hmmmmm. So now, is the perceived notion that the website is moving quicker worth the added taxation on system resources?

I, personally have not yet tried this technique and can see both sides of the argument from where I sit. I can see it being handy in simpler sites. Static pages, mostly. I don't think I'd want to pair this with flex, flash or other high memory sucking tasks as that.

But really. Out of 4GB of memory, what is 6MB? Wouldn't that memory free up again once you left the page!? Maybe I'm not seeing it from the right view, but I'd venture to guess you could save fractions of seconds by the use of the larger sprite images over the sliced background of yesteryear...

for smaller images, rollovers and the like, its already widely used. However, I don't know if that would technically be a sprite as it would only have two images one right on top the other. I think it might be handy if your able to pack the sprites in tighter. This, obviously, would decrease the files size even more, albeit minimally... Perhaps there's still a fine line between the slicing of an image and making a sprite of a bunch... Stay tuned!
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First attempt at a WordPress site [7th, May, 2009 7:27 pm]
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In a follow up to the last post, I have done another site for the good people at Dr Cyclops Records...

World Horror Network

got a chance to test out my PHP knowledge tinkerin' with the templates. Realized I knew quite a bit more than I thought. Good show!
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DMD Site [16th, Mar, 2009 8:38 pm]

Another site I just got up over the weekend. Not too crazy, but fun and it was nice to show off a little of my Flash skills. I find they get wasted quite a lot lately as Im not in a field, currently, that embraces flash as much as other website technology... SEO and all that hubbub... Anyway... Without further ado...


Leave a note and let me know what you think!!
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Site Production [22nd, Oct, 2008 11:27 pm]
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[where am I? |The bottom of a barrel of a gun, sun of a goon]
[whats playin' |volbeat - the strength/the sound/the songs]

So getting this new one finished up. I got a chance to implement a few things rarely used by me. First, I got a crash course intro to spry widgets in DreamWeaver CS 3. Really cool. I'd like to investigate more. And not just the panels but the validators and see what you can do.

Really makes adding ajax to pages nearly painless.

So I was actually just gonna post the link of the site... (currently on my server only) http://www.zerosquadron.com/sieck/

Have a look and leave a message...
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Integration [12th, Oct, 2008 1:25 am]
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[where am I? |home and knockered]

So Im slowly starting to redesign the zeroSquadron website. Since thats happening, Im simultaneously redesigning my live journal and, with the help of feedburner, will be posting the rss feed from this journal on the site. Not that zeroSquadron is all that exciting or that anyone pays attention to this or the website... anyhow, shortly I'll have the new design and blog up on the zeroSquadron home page...
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Again, Adobe!? [15th, Sep, 2008 7:24 pm]
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[where am I? |Home, sweet, homicide!]
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[whats playin' |misfits - 20 eyes - boxset disc II]

Welp... Time to get a new set of books and relearn a buncha new stuff... Seems, according to wikipedia, we're in for a new Creative Suite from our friends at Adobe. Well, I think this is just great since I had FINALLY talked my boss into getting CS3. Well, should I let them get CS3 and already be behind or should we wait to see when CS 4 is released!?

Oh and whats this BS about 64 bit apps for windows ONLY?? So after getting all excited over the possibilities, Im stuck waiting because Apple stopped using carbon and moved to cocoa??

Theres just gonna be an announcement on the 23rd. Theres not much of a chance of them releasing it then. Plus, who knows how long it'll really take. eh, I think would can deal with cs3 and we'll skip 4. I hope!
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